Thursday, November 19, 2009

Luscious Lashes via MAC #4s, #7s, and #32s

I love lashes. Maybe it's because I don't have many of them, but mostly because it just puts a look "over the top."

In order to round out our discussion of lashes (see previous blog on Latisse), I must give equal time to false lashes. The pro's are many; the con's are few.

Pros: they provide POP immediately; they finish a look wonderfully; there are so many styles, sizes, and shapes available, that you can choose how much (or little) drama you want; they come off easily, and if treated gently, can be used 4 or 5 times. If you wear contacts, you're accustomed to having fingers near your eyes, so you, especially are able to wear them without much fuss.

Cons: gosh, I can't think of any. Some people say it's difficult to put them on themselves. There is truth in this. . . the first time I tried wearing them, it took me two times applying them before I felt comfortable with the process.

I try to talk all my brides into wearing them. Even if they are just "baby" lashes, that usually provides much more volume to a lash line. And mothers-of-the-bride, whose lashes may have thinned considerably, need them as well. For me, lashes are a must for any kind of photography.

I've attached some photos of the kinds of MAC lashes I use most. #4s are wispy and usually need to be trimmed, but I save those trimmings and use those for corner lashes at a later date. #7s are the spiky going-out lashes. . .people with a substantial distance between their lash line and eye brow wear these beautifully. #32s I use on many ladies who are on the fence about lashes or don't think they can pull it off. . . they are so very delicate and simply provide a little more oomph on thinning lashes. You can see from the first two photos the difference they make in my photos: one picture, I have nothing on my lashes, not even mascara. The other one I'm wearing MAC #7s. . . a little more drama than I'm accustomed to, but fun nonetheless. These two pics are a stark contrast, but included to show the difference between some and none.

I love my lashes. . . fake ones, real ones, or Latisse'd ones.

Thanks to the Lady at P.F. Chang's in Charlotte, NC ("Sushi Love!") and my MAC mate, Terrell. (Eyes, Lashes)

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