Sunday, January 8, 2012

Liquid Eyeliner Looks

When I saw this photo, it was a reaffirmation of one of my makeup artistry goals: use more liquid liner!  I love the look that a great liquid eyeliner can give.  It's bold and quite the statement-maker.  This is a printable, great guideline for different shapes to draw on the liner. What I've found about liquid eyeliner is that you simply have to make yourself do it. . .practice truly makes perfection!

These liner looks run the gamut from demure to Gaga-ish.  Personally, I like a small, hug-the-lashline line, with a "baby-wingout".  Choose the look you're going for, and get creative and do some kind of a variation on one of these.  Send me a pic if you do one. . . I'd love to see what you're doing!

p.s.  Currently, I'm loving MAC's Superslick Eyeliner (On the Hunt is a shiny black).


  1. I love this eyeliner, I've been using it for years. I use it for a liner on the top eyelash base and then a powder liner over it like Print or Scene (MAC) to make the line not so harsh. Thanks for idea's, they're great!

  2. Love YOUR idea, Jules! The Superslick is very shiny. Applying a little eyeshadow over it can help matte down that sheen if it doesn't appeal to you. I'm still getting my lining technique down. Stay tuned. . . hope to post a short video soon! Happy Makeup-ing! PL

  3. i like to do the 4rth one down from the left!!

  4. FMG, that's beautiful! So very 'Adele' to my eye :)